Epworth's Vision Statement
Since Christian Discipleship means changing what we believe and how we act in all our personal, social, and political relationships...

Since Christian Worship motivates our actions, nurtures our spirits and also celebrates our traditions and experience of the living God...

Since Christian Ministry requires growing in discipleship and being continually equipped and organized for ministry...

Since Christian Faith is not only spiritual but also political...

We are called to action.

Fellowship Opportunities at Epworth
Epworth offers many areas for people to plug in and experience God's love. Be a part of the statement...

Epworth Manos Juntas Free Medical Clinic
Open every Saturday morning from 9 am to 12 pm.  Volunteer opportunities are available.

Epworth Thrift Shop - Le Shoppe
Open every Saturday morning from 9 am to 12 pm.  Volunteer opportunities are available.

Free Legal Clinic
Third Saturday of the month from 9 am to 11 am. 

Choir and Handbell Choir
Rehearses every Wednesday evening 7 to 8 pm.  Everyone welcome!

Adult Education
Three adult classes offered every Sunday 9:30 am with changing topics. Experience the power of learning.

Youth Group and Children's Classes
Youth group -ages seven to high school.  Children's classes -birth to six years old.

Monthly Potluck Dinners
Join us for feasting and fellowship after worship on the first Sunday of every month. Feel free to bring a covered dish or just bring yourself.

Restaurantouring Group
Meets for dinner and informal conversation.  Watch your newsletter for exact date and location.

Diversity Dance Classes
Join us for dance classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with two monthly dance and game nights from 8 pm to 11 pm.

Kiva Club
The Missions Committee at Epworth has organized a Kiva Club.  Through Kiva anyone can make a direct loan of as little as $25 to low-income entrepreneurs in the developing world.  Pooled together these dollars contribute to a vital influx of capital to this poor, but highly motivated population.  A small loan to purchase business-related items such as sewing machines or livestock makes it possible for individual and family businesses to rise out of poverty.  For more information check the March 2008 church newsletter or call Lenny at 869-9210 or email: lkaplan4@cox.net .

Community Involvement
Part of our mission is to be involved in our community.  We participate in community events like the Martin Luther King Day Parade and the Gay Pride Parade.  We sponsor a Community Garden on nearby land deeded to us by the City of Oklahoma City.  All are invited to garden.

Epworth has opened the doors of the wonderful building they inhabit to community groups of all kinds. The following is a partial list of the agencies and organizations that use and have used the building.

• Manos Juntos Free Medical Clinic has operated for almost 10 years in the basement of the church, offering free medical care to anyone, young and old alike. Because of the continued diversity of the neighborhood, the volunteer doctors and nurses are bi-lingual and dedicated. Other, non-medical personnel volunteer each Saturday morning, helping to organize medical information, and track services for over 75-80 patients a week.

• Positive Tomorrows, a transitional school for homeless, abused and hurting children in transition, has occupied the former educational building of the church for about 8 years and uses the library and other rooms within the church building itself to support education and family services for children in transition.

• The Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty has unfortunately been busy in the past as the State of Oklahoma continues to execute prisoners. These folks work tirelessly to express their concern and disagreement in nonviolent protest.

• Family Voices for Justice is a group of family members of those on death row, meeting together to support each other and to raise their voices in support of their loved ones’ rights and lives.

• The OKC Metro Men’s and Metro Women’s Choruses have met weekly in the Epworth choir room, singing and entertaining, to present programs for the enjoyment of the entire community.

• The Classen School for Advances Studies, located directly across Douglas Avenue, has used rooms in the building over the past few years for piano classes when the school building flooded, dance classes in the fellowship hall, and handbell choir rehearsals.

• The Gatewood Neighborhood Association has met regularly at Epworth, and continues to support the revitalization efforts of the church and the neighborhood.

• Epworth continues to offer its facilities for groups coming to work in the Oklahoma City area, including Americorps, Habitat for Humanity and the United Methodist sponsored Volunteers in Mission. These groups use the church building as their home and headquarters as they work within the community, building, repairing and meeting the neighborhood around Epworth.

• Epworth also sponsors and works in the community garden located two blocks from the church building. Not only growing beautiful flowers, the gardeners weed beds of vegetables, and harvest corn and tomatoes raised and shared with all in the neighborhood.

• Other groups have included The AIDS Task Force of the United Methodist Church, Brother to Brother, The Cooperative Urban Parish, Neighborhood Services Organization, the Vietnamese Dance Troupe, The Boy Scouts and other groups too numerous to mention.

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